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by Bhargav Bavarva on August 28, 2012

SEO is flexible and changing time to time basis; it was time when only on page keywords are enough to get top ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo. But trends are very different in present time where several things are require to taking care for this.

Old SEO Trends:

Following are few things which help website to get top ranking in old days.

  • Keyword use in the contents
  • Keyword use in the meta details
  • Keyword in title
  • Keyword use in URL.
  • Keyword density is not much matter in past time and you can use even 10 times in 500 words article and still no problem with ranking.
  • Search engines are evolving and developing their technology algorithms and not more professional at initial time.


This does not mean that these points are not important today but adding to this other several factors are also important to take care for proper SEO plan in this day.


latest seo trends

Latest SEO Trends:

Google are becoming smarter and think like human and keep updating their algorithm frequently, read the Google Algorithm history in details.


Quality Long Content:

As quality informative content is always the valuable to the visitors and search engines. Search engines are more smarter now and not just checking the keywords using in the content but how it is valuable to the visitors and whether content is in deep or not that also matter so in present time long and detailed content is the what search engines likes because of detailed information. So quality content in large volume make website more popular.

Social Media Connection & Social networking:

Earlier time search engines has not social activity in their ranking factor but today that is also one signal that how popular page in the social media circle and networking sites.

So social media has big impact now on your SEO is predicted by many experts and it is matter that how engage your pages in social media and how many like, fans and followers in your circle and how much you are active in that also matter.

So as a webmaster or company owner you have to also take care and involve in the social media marketing to make sure that you are getting best in present time scenarios.

Varied backlinks:

In past time only few backlinks are enough to get good ranking but now there is lot of competition in all the industries and all business are performing this activity to get more business so competition level increased far more that past time.

With the new era search engines also changing their algorithm, one of main factor updated is to build link from same anchor text and URLs are looks spamming and affect the ranking in reverse in new changes and website with various anchor text for diff URLs of website are getting good ranking.

Here what you have to take care are:

  • Regular and steady link building
  • Different ways to get links
  • Content rich links
  • Anchor text variation
  • Build links for all inner pages of website too rather to just single page
  • Links from different IP address
  • Links from authentic domain which has good popularity

Outbound Links:

Rather to just get back links to the own website if you have authentic site then it is naturally that you can point out some good resource full other site for detailed information.

So adding links to the authentic site is plus point to get good ranking because that adding the trust of your website in eyes of searches engines.

Link velocity

Velocity is the speed of backlink building, some people are building links faster and complete 1 week task and then relax for a month and some are building steady and continues links each day and weeks. Here search engines like steady backlinks building because that looks natural process and if you do variation in building steady links from various sources then it looks more natural and increase your website ranking day by day.


  • Do not get too many links in single day or in a week and stop for a month and also do not build links faster if your website is not 1 year old.
  • Here if you start fast link building then it has no problem till you build with same speed but when you will stop the build links for some time and start again then you will fire from search results and website is not even in index because that looks unnatural so if you building fast links then keep it each month.

Importance of Brand Name Links:

Here Brand name means the company name, it is not yet perfectly cleared the importance of brand name but still it has many indicators that brand name links is importance for search engines as it is because if brand name is popular that means company are helping people and it has more values. It means increase your brand name linking is important because it will increase your brand name and that increase the value in eyes of search engines.


Thumb Rule to overcome all SEO problems is to build quality informative content for website is more important than building links only. So building long and informative content that is written for users and has value that is one of best and most importance.

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