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by Bhargav Bavarva on September 12, 2012

How To Make Money Online Fast & Easily is the question in hundreds of thousands people as like you but information you are getting when searching “How to Make Money Online in is really not as informative as you want because you need detailed guideline that how and what way to make money and best things to start with and also need to understand the success & failing factor so that you can take care the things. Don’t worry for this problem here I will explain you in detailed guideline and also get best recommendation to start with.

Before to jump in to topic let me tell you that you will end up to the site that show you many hype that make money fast without any work but please beware of those scam because I am in Online Business Since 2006 all most 6 years and learned lot of thing and one thing to mentioned is no system or scheme rich you in a single day so don’t waste your money to buy that product and even don’t waste your time to read that website.

In this post you will learn complete guideline to Make Money Online that can be 1000 USD value if I prepare e-book and start selling but I do not want it at present. So read carefully if you are serious to MAKE MONEY FROM HOME and become one of successful internet millionaire.

First to tell you that you will not make 10k USD per month without any work at your end but surely you can if you are serious to implement and start the thing as mentioned in this website.


Ways to Make Money Online

You can find many ways to make money online but very basic & easiest way are as follow.

1.    Blogging

2.    Google Adsense

3.    Affiliate marketing

4.    CPA (cost per action)

5.    Business product/services


This is very first and most successful way to Earn Money Online. Now what is blogging is the question in your mind if you are very new to internet. “Blogging is to share information on your blog on some topic” This is general gist of what blogging means and many people are explaining in different ways but all that means are all most same.


‘A blog (a portmanteau of the term web log)[1] is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries ("posts") typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first). Until 2009 blogs were usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often were themed on a single subject.’ Source

You can find lot of information on this but in general you can say blogging is to add article on your blog and blog is a website where you are share your knowledge.


Now you have questioned that how you can make money with blog, right? in blog you can write anything and everything you want to share so it is your interest of topic because if you are interested in software then you can create blog about software and you can post article related to software and if you are interested in education then you can create your education blog where you can post article on education topics.

Now, if you have your blog then you can make money with your blog on many ways such as, Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, CPA offers and sell Advertisement space on your blog.

There are many free blog platform service where you can start your free blog as like WordPress, BlogSpot, blog and many more. I like wordpress a lot rather than any of blog platform because it is very easy and great customization features and lot of plugins are available free to use to make your wordpress blog more professional without any technical coding knowledge.


As I have mentioned above that if you have your blog then you can earn with Google Adsense by placing ads code given by Google. Adsense is Google’s Service where many companies are tried to advertise their product/services with Google. So, when your visitors click on that ad then you will get paid per click (please note that do not click on ad at your own otherwise you will detect by Google and reject from Adsense Program).

If you need to earn with Google Adsense then you need to have lot of website traffics and lot of informative content on your website then only more number of people visiting your website and have more number of clicks on adsense ads and you will make money.

So this is very simple and easy way to make money because you do not have to do anything just need to post your article on your blog and when you have lot of informative content and traffics then you will earn good money from Google Adsense.


‘Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts’ Source

Affiliate marketing has advertiser who own the product and publisher who promote that product. Here if you are affiliate publisher and promoting any product and sending traffic to product site and those visitors purchase on that then you are getting commission. E.g. you have sign up any affiliate program lets say Clickbank and then start promoting any product and if you sent any visitor to that product site and visitor purchase item then you will get commission on that.

Affiliate Marketing is billion dollar industry and sky has no limits same like affiliate marketing has no limit to make money.

There are many affiliate market places where you can join and start promoting product e.g. clickbank (digital product market place),,, Amazon, Ebay and many more.


‘Cost Per Action or CPA (sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action (a purchase, a form submission, and so on) linked to the advertisement.’ Source

‘Cost per action (CPA) is a method of paying for advertising that allows you to pay for each conversion (sale, lead, download, etc.)’ Source

There are many CPA Networks such as NeverBlue,, and many more you can search.


If you are expert in any area like, website development, website consultation, software or anything that you are expert in to sell your product/service online.

If you have not any physical product or any special service to offer directly then you can write your e-book on any of your expertise topic in detailed that is valuable and useful for user and then you can sell that e-book.

This is the most basic and general ways to make money online easy and fastest way. You have seen in many website that says make money with YouTube, make money with twitter, make money with facebook, etc., etc. but this all are fundamental with blogging and earn from either adsense or affiliate or product selling but ways to target to promote that is different.


Google Adsense

When you have 15-20 pages on your blog/website then you can go to and apply for Adsense publisher.

If you do not have any useful website then Adsense team will not approve your application so if you have really worth information on your website then only you will get approval. As earlier time when you will get fast approval but at present days lot of scam and spammer are pushing Google so they are become very smart and does not approve automatic but check each application manually so do not think to full them but be honest and apply after you have 15-20 website pages and has 1-3 month old site.


Clickbank is digital product market place where you can find e-books, software and other related products. Clickbank is no. 1 digital affiliate market place and all beginners are started with clickbank to make money but I personally have not work more with clickbank.

CJ (commission junction):

CJ is largest physical product network where all products are available. This is very good network and I like this one because physical product is available here that is most successful for affiliate marketing. I like physical product to promote rather than digital products so I like network that are authentic and have physical products as like CJ. One problem with CJ is you need to apply for approval for each product you want to promote and lots of time you will reject for many reasons.

Amazon Associates

Amazon associates, authentic and very popular affiliate network run by Amazon is biggest online store selling hundreds of thousand products each day. Here amazon are selling all physical and digital product so good thing to work with amazon. One problem with amazon is very less commission structure (4% commission) e.g. if you have sold 100 USD product then you will get only 4 USD so if you sold 100 products that are 100 USD price then you will get 40 USD only so commission is very low but if you sold more number of product then it will increase your commission level.

Amazon is giving less commission but still good to work because conversion level is too good if your visitor are landed on amazon website then conversion rate are higher on amazon landing page compare to other sites so here it is good way to use Amazon’s popularity benefits to get benefit from Amazon.

Ebay Partner Network

Ebay Partner Network is also like an Amazon associates where you can get physical products. This is also good affiliate network where you can earn money easy. is also good affiliate network where you will get variety of good store partner so that you can have good option to have many products to promote. is also one of well-known affiliate network that has varieties of offers and different ways to convert like sales, lead, form filling and click as conversion so you can choose this type of option to promote product and Make Money with Affiliate Products.

Make Money Online Fast


When I was new to online then every term is new to me when I am reading first time so if you have same situation then do not worry you will get familiarize with all this terms in sort time.

Now question is that there are many ways to make money but what is exact way you can start so that you can start earning in earliest possible time.


You can start either of 2 ways

1] AdSense

2] Affiliate

But now question is where to start? And how to start? So if you ask me what is good so I can say affiliate marketing is good because you will earn more money with affiliate commission compare to Adsense money but Adsense is easiest way to start and does not require to made any sales to earn and get paid if someone just click on that so Adsense is easiest way for beginner.

Both are good at their way but important is how you start and what is your plan for website that matter. E.g. you are interested in mobile and plan to start blog on mobile where you can post new mobile reviews, apps and other stuffs then this is good because that is your passion and interest so you can do it regular and once you have good number of post in your blog so you will start receiving traffics and you can place Google AdSense Ads and you will start earning. in reverse if you have sound knowledge that how to do all this process then start with affiliate marketing is good, in which Select good product, keyword research, domain registration and SEO Marketing is important so you must have deep knowledge about this whole process then it is good to go with affiliate marketing so at initial level I suggest you can start with Blogging on your interested topic and start earning with adsense and learn more and then you can start affiliate marketing.


Success & Failing Factors – Successfully Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online

How You Have Started

How you have started, which niche you plan to start is important for your success. Here it is important how you have started because if you just started and nothing going on then it is useless and end up with nothing so your intention about serous Online Money is important and for that you need to stick to do regular work.

Ways You Plan To Earn

Which way you plan to earn money is also important because if you are beginner and start affiliate marketing but does not know how to select product, niche, keyword research, domain and very important is SEO & Link Building then there is more chance that you are in the list of those who failed to Make Online Money.

Keyword Research

This is important part of your success because as much time you spend on this is good for you to get more idea because more than 80% of people are fail to make money online is because they have selected wrong keyword and started the things.

Read Previous post about How to do keyword Research for beginner

Keyword Research for Beginner with Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool

Here you will get idea that how to select best keyword but now you are planning to start blogging on your interested topic so let’s say so you will definitely get idea that this is Technology related site here my point is that you can cover your main theme in your domain name is important (for SEO point of view and for user point of view too). So we can say if you are planning to start blog on movies then you cover movies in your domain and you can think like, latestmoviews, moviesreviews (this is just suggestion I have not check whether this is available or not).

SEO knowledge

SEO is very important now a day because lot of competition in present days makes you trouble to get good search engine ranking easily so sound SEO & Link Building Knowledge is must have to success in online and make money online.

You can learn Latest SEO Trends in earlier post that what is work at current era and what does not.

What you need to know in SEO

·         On-Page SEO

o    Keyword rich domain name

o    Keyword in the URL

o    Keyword use in Title

o    Keyword in Meta Details

o    Keyword use in Content wisely with other relevant keyword too with proper keyword density so that it looks natural and not just spamming with keyword only.

o    Internal linking structure

o    Website structure


·         Off-Page SEO

o    Article marketing

o    Directory submission

o    Social bookmarking

o    High PR Relevant Link Building

o    Web-2 links

o    Link wheel creation

o    Contextual link building

o    Many more…

Here lot of things in SEO & link building but basic on-page and some aspect of off-page are important to learn.

Niche you have selected

Niche is the very specific industry’s topic let’s say “weight loss” is niche that comes in health category so niche is sub to sub category on which you are planning to start blog, another example of niche is “weight loss pills” that is sub to sub category so it is important that which niche you have selected because some niche are more profitable and some are less so niche you have selected is important.


As I have mentioned earlier that regularity is very much important for your success because this all things are new to you and first you need to learn this whole terms and process then you will get idea that what is happening and from where you will get more money and where you will end up with nothing. In earlier time you will fail to make money but still need to learn it and stick to it is the only way you will get success otherwise you will end up with nothing.

Useful Tools that You Must know for Online Success

Google Keyword Research Tool

You can learn more about Google keyword research tools in earlier posts as follow

Post: Keyword Research for Beginner with Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool

Post: Google Keyword Tool Benefits


WordPress is best blogging platform that has many customization options, SEO friendly, lot of free plugins make your work faster and better.

Recommendation Summary of Where & How to Start

1] If beginner then Adsense and if you are expert then affiliate marketing is also good.

2] Find your interest of topic like, mobile, movies, education, science, management, health, weight loss, bicycle, etc.

3] Start your blog

4] Keep posting article on your blog – 50-100 articles on your blog must be your first target

5] Add Google Adsense ads (apply for adsense after 20 posts with your blog)

6] Keep article posting on your blog each and every day.

7] Learn and Implement Complete SEO Guideline for your Blog

7] Hopefully you have started earning from your blog.

I hope you get proper & complete information about “How to Make Money Online” with this post and if anyone has more idea, feedback, question then write me on comment.

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